Mayor Nutter’s Pick for Time’s Person of the Year: “Women”

Yeah, yeah, yeah: Michael Nutter can tell us all he wants about how he’s staying in Philadelphia and not running off for the bright lights of the Obama Administration’s second term. But he’s sure having fun with some of his newfound post-election notoriety, on Thursday joining a Time Magazine panel to weigh in on who should be the mag’s “Person of the Year”—sitting alongside Matt Lauer, Bryan Cranston, Padma Lakshmi, and Newt Gingrich. Nutter’s pick? “Women freedom fighters all around the world have dominated,” Nutter said. “And they will continue to do so for a good long while.” But Nutter also warned that Obama’s second term won’t be as hopeful as the beginning of the first: “After the 2008 election, everyone was singing all three verses of ‘Kumbaya'” he said. “Now bipartisanship is over.” Nutter’s remarks start about 11:30 into the video below. [Time]