Mitt Romney Didn’t Get a Single Vote in 59 Philadelphia Voting Divisions

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Need proof that Philadelphia really, really, really a Democratic town? How about this: In 59 of the city’s voting divisions last week—mostly in West and North Philadelphia—GOP presidential nominee didn’t receive a single vote. The final score in those divisions? President Obama: 19,605, Romney, 0. That’s triggered the expected conspiracy theorizing[1], but it even surprised more sober analysts. “Not a single vote for Romney or even an error?” said Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia. “That’s worth looking into.” There may not be much to find: As the Inquirer points out this morning, some divisions contain only a few registered Republicans—and those folks may have moved away. It’s easier, instead, if we assume that one Black Panther guy  frightened potential Romney voters across the entire city. [Philadelphia Inquirer[2]]

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