“Bach to Rock” Brings Music, Fond Memories of Jack Black Movies to the Main Line

OK, kids, here’s your chance: Want to learn to play music, form a band, and become the biggest music star in the world since Justin Bieber? Bach to Rock, a music school that teaches kids to play music by putting them in bands and training them through jam sessions that resemble practices for a team sport, is bringing its franchise to the Main Line. (There are already a half-dozen other Bach to Rock schools, mostly in the D.C. area.) Which sounds like one of our favorite Jack Black movies ever! Except for the part where the head of the local school, David Leonard, is actually an Army veteran and probably won’t brook any of your “learn music to learn how to break the rules and throw off the straightjackets of your suburban upbringing” nonsense. Yeah, we’ve probably seen too many movies about the power of rock. [BroadwayWorld.com]