President Obama Wins a Second Term, But Nate Silver Wins the Election

Plus: Pennsylvania went blue (duh), who voted for who (and why), pot in CO, marriage equality in MD, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Barack Obama Is Re-Elected. In case you couldn’t hack it with the big boys last night, here’s President Obama’s victory speech from the early hours of Wednesday morning. [CBS News]

Obama Won Pennsylvania. Mitt Romney and company made a last ditch effort to try and grab Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, but it looks like the folks that said the Keystone State wasn’t actually up for grabs were right all along. Pennsylvania went blue for the sixth straight presidential election. [Newsworks]

Nate Silver Wins the Election. The man behind the New York Times FiveThirtyEight blog predicted every state correctly. He’s basically the Joe Lunardi of presidential elections. Marvel at his abilities. [Salon]

Breakdown of Poll Demographics. Who voted for who and why. [USA Today]

Colorado, Washington Legalize Marijuana. In Tuesday’s election, Colorado and Washington became the first two states to legalize recreational marijuana. A similar measure in Oregon didn’t have enough support. Now, marijuana in Colorado and Washington will be cultivated and sold at special stores. People 21 and older can buy up to an ounce. [ABC News]

Maryland, Maine Legalize Marriage Equality. Maine and Maryland became the first two states to legalize gay marriage by popular vote. Prior to Tuesday, voters had rejected same-sex marriage initiatives on ballots more than 30 consecutive times. [New York Times]

The Internet Thought Diane Sawyer Was Drunk. During Tuesday night’s election coverage, Diane Sawyer slurred some words and asked a strange question or two so the Internet yelled, “Yo, she drunk!” Snitches. [The Atlantic]