Celeb Scoop: Bradley Cooper Narrates an Anit-Mitt Romney Documentary

Plus: Tina Fey jokes about doing Playboy, Beyoncé is full of puns, the inevitable Chris Brown and Rihanna duet, and more of today's celebrity news.

Bradley Cooper Gets His Morgan Freeman On. Jenkintown’s golden boy lent his voice to the folks producing an anti-Mitt Romney documentary. Cooper narrates Hindsight, which looks into the policies and actions of the failed presidential candidate. [Just Jared]

Tina Fey Jokes About Playboy. As 30 Rock wraps up, the local native jokes that she’s never going to have another TV show or write another book. She says she’s just going to do some Playboy on the way out and then… “gonesies.” [Huffington Post]

Beyoncé Is Full of Puns. The singer tweeted a picture of a notebook that read, “TAKE THAT MITCHES.” [Politico]

Rihanna and Chris Brown Have a Duet. Chris Brown and Rihanna have recorded a duet together called “Nobodies Business” because they’re insufferable and hardly literate. [Us Weekly]

Lady Gaga Donates to Sandy Relief. As it works to assist people in need in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the American Red Cross has $1 million more to work with thanks to the generosity of meat-dress enthusiast Lady Gaga. [E]

What Does Obama’s Re-Election Mean for Hollywood? Famous people helped President Obama win re-election, so now SOPA, preservation of the environment, and Guantanamo Bay are important issues in his second term. [Hollywood Reporter]