Texas Sees Philadelphia’s T-Shirt Cannon and Raises Them a Taco Gatling Gun

Earlier this week, the Sixers introduced the world to “Big Bella”—the world’s largest T-shirt cannon that looks like Stanley Ipkiss’ arsenal in The Mask. It seemed like the Sixers and “Big Bella” were in prime position to win the hearts of unnecessary firepower and free stuff the world over. Now, just a few days later, a second suitor has emerged. At the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, the world met taco weaponry designed in partnership with Torchy’s Tacos.

Based on the same technology that propels t-shirts, Fun Fun Fun’s tortilla weapon is a twelve-chambered, CO2 canister-powered Gatling-style ordnance that will be on the festival’s various stages at least twice a day, shooting off an assortment of tacos. Just like in a war movie, one guy fires the cannon, with two more taco soldiers on hand for re-loading.

Is there any way that the free-shit arms race doesn’t end in a Cuban Missile Crisis-type standoff during the butter competition at the Iowa State Fair? I think not. [Texas Monthly]