Doctor Drops $750 on Cab From Philly to Boston During Hurricane Sandy

Dr. Sujatha Balija—a pathologist in London visiting the United States for the annual meeting of the American Society for Clinical ­Pathology—was pretty much shit out of luck when she was in the Philly ‘burbs when Hurricane Sandy hit. Balija had planned to be in Boston by Tuesday night for the Wednesday morning conference, but trains, buses and planes were all immobilized thanks to the superstorm. So, she did what any of us would have done and dropped $750 on a taxi. She called Rosemont Taxicab Co. and had a cabbie pick her up just 30 minutes later. It took eight hours for them to get to Boston. They discussed culture and religion along the way. No word on whether they made a road trip playlist or played the license plate game. [Boston Globe]