VIDEO: Bruce Springsteen (Finally) Acknowledges Governor Chris Christie

Jersey’s golden boy Bruce Springsteen is in the midst of a tour in support of his recent album, Wrecking Ball. On Wednesday, The Boss and his E Street Band played a show in Rochester, New York. As Springsteen gave a spoken intro to his “My City of Ruins”—a song originally written about Asbury Park—he talked about the destruction of Hurricane Sandy and commended New Jersey Governor (and noted Springsteen super fan) Chris Christie.

“We wish you a happy Halloween, but we are a rock ‘n’ roll band form the Jersey Shore, and tonight we carry a lot of sadness in our hearts. This was originally a song about my adopted hometown struggling to get on its feet — it struggled for 25 years, a quarter century, while we watched for Asbury to come back. And we are very proud to say over the past decade, it has risen up and flourished in a way I wasn’t ever sure I’d see in my lifetime. And it will do so again!”

“We’re a band that you can’t separate from the Jersey shore — still basically a glorified bar band… at your service! So we’re gonna do this tonight from our hometown to your hometown. We’ll send this out to all the people working down there: the police officers, the firemen, and also to the Governor, who has done such a hard job this past week.” []