Bromance Blossoms Between President Obama and Chris Christie

On Wednesday, President Barack Obama flew to Atlantic City to meet with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie so that they could, together, survey the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. The two pols went on a helicopter ride, posed for pictures and held hands. Basically, they did everything that makes single people want to barf. The Daily News even featured them on Thursday’s cover.

Picture from @PhillyDailyNews

Thankfully, it’s 2012 and the Internet was paying attention. Here’s how Twitter reacted to their blossoming bromance.

Twitter Loves the Barack Obama/Chris Christie Bromance

Mystery novels, a buddy cop series, lunchboxes and action figures are probably in the works now that Twitter has fallen in love with the President Obama and Governor Christie bromance.

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Is the Obama-#Christie political bromance political cooperation at its best, or a sign that Romney is toast? Opinions?Jim Gardner
i havent seen a Jersey bromance like this since DJ Pauly D and Vinny were doing jello shots at Club KarmaJake Tapper
President Obama made it clear to me today that it is his top priority to help New Jersey get back to normal. As it is mine.Governor Christie
The Christie/Obama bromance, as some are calling it, certainly helps O, but far more importantly, their cooperation helps storm victims.Sam Seaborn
Photo: On Marine One, President Obama & @GovChristie survey the damage done by Hurricane #Sandy along New Jersey coast: White House
Great. Now anything short of a Christie/Obama tryst is going to be a huge disappointment. Thanks, Twitter. #DrudgeSexScandalS.E. Cupp
Very impressed by Obama/Christie. True bi-partisan leadership. But Romney must be tearing his hair out – can’t help his election chances.Piers Morgan
You’d definitely watch an Obama-Chris Christie buddy cop showRyan Vaillancourt
Now if only congress could learn something from Obama/Christie bromance. Putting partisanship aside. #wishfulthinkingAbby Huntsman
The President came to New Jersey today to offer his help and I accept that help and appreciate his good will.Governor Christie
All previous novel ideas have been put on hold to write a Chris Christie/President Obama mystery solving series #nanowrimoAndrea