Clinton Uses Sandy to Take a Jab at Romney’s Stance on Climate Change

Former President Bill Clinton has already started politicking over Hurricane Sandy. Clinton spoke at a rally in Minnesota on Tuesday and took the opportunity to take a jab at Governor Mitt Romney’s stance on climate change.

“He ridiculed the president — ridiculed the president for his efforts to fight global warming in economically beneficial ways. He said ‘Oh, you’re going to turn back the seas,’” Clinton said “In my part of America, we would like it if someone could’ve done that yesterday.”

He went on to warn that both parties have received warnings about the effects of climate change and that it would be a good idea to take them seriously.

“All up and down the East Coast, there are mayors, many of them Republicans, who are being told, ‘You’ve got to move these houses back away from the ocean. You’ve got to lift them up. Climate change is going to raise the water levels on a permanent basis. If you want your town insured, you have to do this,’” Clinton said. [Politico]