Philly’s Loren Brichter Hits iPhone Game Jackpot With Letterpress

Forget Words With Friends. Everybody knows that the hot word game for the iPhone is Letterpress—which, yes, was released only two days ago but has already climbed to No. 14 on iTunes’ rankings of free apps.  The New York Times reports that the game is the brainchild of Loren Brichter, a 27-year-old app developer from Philadelphia, who previously gained fame as the creator of Tweetie, a popular Twitter app for the iPhone that was actually purchased by Twitter in 2010. Brichter isn’t sure if game development is his future. “It all depends on whether this sticks,” he said of the game. “The chances of having a successful game right out of the gate are zero, unless you’re a company like Rovio, but I’m going to focus on this for a while and then see what’s next.” [New York Times]