Bob Casey Jr., Tom Smith Argue Obamacare in Senate Campaign Debate

Sen. Bob Casey Jr. and GOP challenger Tom Smith had their only debate of the campaign today, at ABC 6 studios in Philadelphia. (The debate will be aired on that station Sunday, and other stations around the state.) Smith criticized Casey for supporting the Affordable Care Act. “What do I have against the Affordable Care Act? Do you really want to turn over one-sixth of the economy in this country to bureaucrats like the ones that run the IRS and the Post Office?” Casey, on the other hand, suggested the health reform law was needed. “The worst thing we could do on health care is to either put our head in the sand and do nothing, is what repeal means, or to have a big partisan fight over it. We should bring people together to get this right.” Election Day is Nov. 6. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]