Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Penn State Climate Professor Sues Magazine Over Jerry Sandusky Comparison

Michael Mann—a Penn State climate professor and Nobel Peace Prize winner—has filed a lawsuit against the National Review and the Competitive Enterprise Institute for comparing him to Jerry Sandusky. Back in July, a blogger at the Competitive Enterprise Institute supposedly wrote that Mann “molested data” about global warming and referenced the former Penn State coach now serving a minimum of 30 years in prison. But the story didn’t end with that blog post because folks at the National Review picked up on it.

It was later summarized and linked to by the National Review; in that piece, National Review writer Mark Steyn says, “Not sure I’d have extended that metaphor all the way into the locker-room showers with quite the zeal Mr. Simberg does, but he has a point.”

His lawsuit alleges actual malice and suggests he should receive compensatory and punitive damages, though a specific amount isn’t listed. A hearing is scheduled for January. [Washington Post]