Autumn Pasquale’s Brother Threatens Accused Killers on Facebook

Plus: Chuckie Merlino dies in prison, PHL baggage handler arrested for stealing $100 bills, the Archdiocese cancels plans for new school, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Autumn Pasquale’s Brother Threatens Killers on Facebook. A.J. Pasquale, the older brother of 12-year-old Autumn, posted a message on the Facebook page of his sister’s accused killer.

“I know u won’t see this but I’m just letting u know that I am coming for [you] next time I see ur face or ur brother donte I’m kicking ur asses,” A.J. Pasquale wrote on Justin Robinson’s wall. Justin had also commented on the search on A.J.’s page while it was still in progress. [Daily News]

Chuckie Merlino Dies in Prison. Mobster and father of former(?) mob boss Skinny Joey Merlino, Salvatore “Chuckie” Merlino died in prison in Texas on Monday. The 73-year-old had spent the last 25 years behind bars and had been sick for some time. [Inquirer]

PHL Baggage Handler Allegedly Stole $20,000. A 25-year-old baggage handler at PHL has been arrested for allegedly stealing $20,000 in $100 bills destined for the U.S. Federal Reserve in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The bills were part of $96 million headed to the facility. No one noticed they were missing until they took an inventory off the armored truck at the Federal Reserve. The bills aren’t scheduled to go into circulation until next year. [NBC Philadelphia]

Archdiocese Cancels Plan for New School. The Archdiocese of Philadelphia had plans to build a new school on 68 acres of land in Lansdale. But, financial troubles—the same ones that have forced them to have a fire sale and raise private funds to help keep existing schools open—have forced the Archdiocese to put those plans on hold. They’re going to sell the property where the school would have been built. [CBS 3]

Troubles Continue for NJ Weedman. The DEA waited all of two hours to call NJ Weedman after he was found not guilty of possession with intent to distribute last week. The following day, an agent showed up at Weedman’s new dispensary in California and suggested that the business close, unless Weeman wanted to be the subject of a new investigation. [Inquirer]

Chris Christie Stumped for Linda McMahon. New Jersey Governor went on a tour de Connecticut to convince voters to punch their ballots for U.S. Senate candidate (and former professional wrestling executive) Linda McMahon. “You can vote for a smart, independent accomplished businesswoman, or you can vote for Nancy Pelosi’s butler.” [Wall Street Journal]