New York Daily News Wants the Yankees to Trade Curtis Granderson for Darin Ruf

The Yankees were swept by the Detroit Tigers. I had so much fun writing that sentence that I’m going to do it again. The Yankees were swept by the Detroit Tigers. Now, Yanks fans have turned their attention to the offseason, hoping that they can turn their aging roster of hitters into a viable World Series contender. The folks at the New York Daily News rattled off a list of suggestions for the Bombers’ brass. One of the bullet points calls for the Yanks to swap center fielder Curtis Granderson for Phils prospect Darin Ruf. For those of you keeping score at home, Granderson is a 32-year-old, lifetime .262-hitter coming off of the worst season of his career (WAR). Oh, and he’s due $15 million in 2013. So, I’m still on Team Sign Michael Bourn. [The 700 Level]