VIDEO: Cartoon Questlove Is in the Hip-Hop Illuminati and Re-Enacts a Scene From Big

Questlove—bandleader of The Legendary Roots Crew, NYU professor, and cover model for our September issue of Philly Mag (let me pick that up real quick)—has been turned into a cartoon for the upcoming season premiere of The Cleveland Show on Fox. The episode focuses on the hip-hop Illuminati and includes cameos from Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, Will.I.Am, and “Kenny West” (voiced by Kanye). In a clip released on the Interweb, a cartoon Questlove and “Kenny West” re-enact the giant piano scene from Big on the world’s largest remote control. If it weren’t for the puppies saving the lost boy with Down syndrome with their incredible cuddling powers, this would totally win the Internet this week. [Okay Player]