Phoenixville Man Arrested for Throwing Voter Registration Forms in Dumpster

A store manager in Harrisonburg, Virginia saw 31-year-old Conrad Small, a Republican National Committee field director, throw a bag in the store’s Dumpster, and when he investigated, he discovered the “garbage” was completed voter registration forms of Virginians who presumably would like to cast a vote on November 6th. He’s been arrested on 13 counts. [Phawker]

At the time of his arrest Small was employed by Pinpoint, one of several recruiting firms used by Strategic Allied Consulting, a shadowy contractor hired by the RNC to conduct voter registration drives in eight key swing states. Strategic Allied Consulting is owned and operated by Nathan Sproul, a controversial long time GOP operative who used to run the Arizona Republican party and the Arizona Christian Coalition. Allegation of fraud and voter suppression have swirled around Sproul as far back as the 2004 presidential election. Up until March of this year, Sproul was a paid consultant to the Romney campaign…. As of press time, seven Florida counties were investigating complaints of voter registration irregularities perpetrated by Strategic Allied employees.