J-Lo Will Destroy Iran’s Theocracy With Pop Tunes, Sultry Dresses

Jennifer Lopez nearly destroyed Ben Affleck’s career, but now she’s after bigger game: The mullahs of Iran. The singer/actress/beloved icon gave a concert in Azerbaijan last month, “accompanied by a private security force, dazzling pyrotechnics and a wardrobe that consisted of sequins and not much else.” The reason? Azerbaijani officials wanted to rub their glorious, glorious freedom in the face of neighboring Iranians suffering under stiff theocratic rules and harsh economic sanctions as the rest of the world tries to slow down the country’s nuclear program. “You could almost feel the Iranians seething,” said an Azerbaijani official. “This stuff makes them crazy.” J-Lo’s visit was followed by concerts from Shakira and Rihanna; there’s no word when Lady Gaga will arrive in a meat dress to finally and totally destroy the Iranian regime. [The Washington Post]