Laughing Joe Biden Steals the Show in Vice Presidential Debate

Plus: Someone measured the VP candidates' malarkey levels, Jayson Werth helps to ruin your October, Apple to unveil the iPad mini, and more of what the city is talking about today.

Laughing Joe Biden. The Vice President seemed to think last night’s debate was quite a gas. He laughed to the point that everyone with a Twitter handle felt compelled to comment, and some went as far as to create accounts like @LaughingJoeBiden. [Politico]

The VP Debate: Fact Check. Both Vice President Joe Biden and “his friend” Paul Ryan threw out quite a few figures and claims during the 90 minute debate on Thursday. Luckily, someone went ahead and measured the malarkey levels from last night. [USA Today]

Wedding Brawl Party Photos. Daily Mail has published a series of photos related to the wedding that resulted in the massive brawl in Society Hill last weekend. They’ve got some from the bride’s bachelorette party in Miami. [Daily Mail]

Apple to Unveil iPad Mini? The device that should fall somewhere between the iPad and the iPhone will likely be unveiled on October 23rd. Plan accordingly. [All Things D]

Jayson Werth Walks Off. In case you feel like torturing yourself today, here’s Jayson Werth hitting a walk-off home run to force Game 5 in the Nats/Cards series. October sucks. [Deadspin]

Senator Casey’s 10-Point Lead. As challenger Tom Smith rolls out negative ad after negative ad, a poll shows that Senator Bob Casey is still up by 10 points as the November election sits less than a month away. [Inquirer]

Cleaning Lady Stole Bust Out of Anger. The housekeeper charged with swiping the $3 million Ben Franklin bust from a Main Line home says she stole the item because she was angry about losing her job. [Inquirer]