Celeb Scoop: Lindsay Lohan Endorses Mitt Romney, Even Though She’s Not Registered to Vote

Plus: Katy Perry will sleep with you for a good cause, Here Comes the Boom is Will Smith's fault, Meek Mill's star-studded first listen party, and more of today's celebrity news.

Lindsay Lohan Endorses Romney. The much maligned actress has thrown her support behind Mitt Romney, which is especially useful considering that she’s not registered to vote. [Gawker]

Meek Mill’s First Listen. Philly’s own Meek Mill held a first listen event in New York so that anyone who’s someone could get a sneak preview of his Dreams and Nightmares, which hits the Interwebtuals (and stores, I guess) on October 30th. Jay-Z, Will Smith, Victor Cruz, DeSean Jackson, and a whole slew of others were there. Meek Mill was late, though, so Jay and Smith cut out early. So, if you have a first listening party for celebrities, but Hov and the Fresh Prince bail before you show up, does it make a sound? [MTV]

Bradley Cooper in Arizona. The Jenkintown superstar took a break from accepting praise and accolades for The Silver Linings Playbook to pretend that a small Arizona town is Tijuana as the Hangover guys get the band back together for a 42,582nd third installment of the comedy franchise. [Fox 10]

Katy Perry Will Sleep With You for Charity. At an auction benefiting the American Foundation for AIDS Research, Katy Perry yelled out that she’d sleep with whoever won the bidding for a signed guitar. When New York Giants owner Steve Tisch won, she hugged him and told him she was gonna have sex with him. Dude’s definitely out-kicking his coverage. [E]

Blame Will Smith for Here Comes the Boom. Here Comes the Boom, the latest “comedy” or something from Kevin James is actually all Will Smith’s fault. James recently spoke about how Smith’s demeanor, kindness, and humility on the set of Hitch, James’ big break, helped the King of Queens actor learn how to promote others who might not be the biggest names in Hollywood. Enter some trainer guy Bas Rutten, who was the inspiration for the new film. [Daily News]

The Apprentice Is Still a Thing. But, why? Regardless, they’re bringing back the best folks from the celebrity version of the show, which means the Internet gets more Gary Busey GIFs, so I guess it’s not all bad. [EW]