Celeb Scoop: Taylor Swift Gets Her Skrillex on With New Dubsteb Track

Plus: Bradley Cooper keeps winning things, that time Leona Lewis met Will Smith, Ke$ha is literate(?), and more of today's celebrity news.

Taylor Swift Goes Skrillex. Apparently Taylor Swift always “Knew Your Were Trouble.” So, she gave us all that dubstep song that no one asked for.

Leona Lewis Embarrassed in Front of Will Smith. Apparently the British singer brought her “Auntie” to a function and the relative stalked Will Smith through the event to get him to pose for a picture with her daughter. How. Embarrassing. [PopDash]

Another Silver Linings Award. This time it was Bradley Cooper taking home hardware for his performance. Cooper has been announced as the winner of Hollywood Film Awards’ Hollywood Actor Award. [L.A. Times]

NBC Wins Monday. Comcast’s little television project won the ratings contest on Monday, again. Thanks, The Voice. [The Wrap]

Justin Bieber Plays Beer Pong. It looks like everybody’s favorite boy singer is all growed up and full-blown bro. The Biebz was spotted playing beer pong this year or a year and a half ago in Georgia or Alabama or Canada. Details are sketchy. Next thing you know he’ll be chasing beer bongs with flying hip-bumps. [TMZ]

Ke$ha’s Writing a Memoir. Yup, really. Ke$ha is set to become a published author. It’s going to be illustrated because of course it is. [EW]

George Clooney’s Homeless Donation. The actor/playboy/political activist took time out of his busy schedule to chat up a homeless man wearing dog tags in New York. Clooney gave the guy some bones as Stacy Kiebler looked on. Excuse me while I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to concoct a means to trade lives with him. [E]