Celeb Scoop: Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper Re-Up With David O. Russell

Plus: Adele's new Bond theme, Pink won't say if she's gay, straight or bi, Jon Stewart tackles the debate, and more of today's celebrity news.

Christian Bale Joins Bradley Cooper Flick. David O. Russell’s upcoming untitled project will follow his success with The Fighter (which starred Bale) and the current buzz surrounding The Silver Linings Playbook (starring Cooper). Both actors will be in Russell’s next flick, along with Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams. Yeah, we don’t need to know what it’s about, we’re already in line for this one. [The Wrap]

Pink: Gay, Straight or Bi? The Doylestown native says that she won’t label herself as one, but that she had a lot of ecstasy-fueled club nights when she was a younger. She says those labels don’t fit when ecstasy’s involved. [Inquirer]

Adele’s “Skyfall.” This, ladies and gentlemen, is what a Bond theme is supposed to sound like.

Will Leitch Rips Lee Daniels. Daniels—a Radnor High grad—burst onto the film scene with Precious back in ’09. But, his latest, The Paperboy, really sucks, according to the Gawker contributor. [Gawker]

Jon Stewart Talks About the Debate. Mainly, he rips Romney for lying and Obama for everything else. [Hollywood Reporter]

Psy Shuts Down Seoul With “Thank You” Concert. The man responsible for the most popular video on the Internets thanked his fans with a free concert in Seoul. A small group of people turned out to take in the show. [Gawker]

Roll Tide? Scott Stapp—Creed frontman and infamous Obama doubter desperately asking people to purchase his new memoir—revealed that T.I. saved his life after a suicide attempt. Apparently the two had met before and discussed their mutual appreciation for Alabama athletics. Stapp had jumped from a penthouse hotel room in Miami, breaking his hip and fracturing his nose. He was stuck there for two hours without moving. T.I. happened to book the only available room in the hotel and walked out onto a balcony. Stapp’s blood dripped onto T.I., who happened to be wearing an Alabama hat. Stapp said, “Roll Tide” and helped T.I. put two and two together. All famous people know each other. Illuminati.