Q&A: Meet Diehard Eagles Fan, EatDatPussy445

For his very first plane ride, he's coming to Philly.

If you’re not between the ages of 17 and 30 with an inappropriate sense of humor, you might not have heard of EatDatPussy445.

The California native is a huge Birds fan who has accumulated a cult following among Eagles fans since he began posting confessional videos about the team to YouTube two years ago. His, ahem, candid language and emotional responses help him connect to a fan base that has (deservedly) been hurling F-bombs at the franchise for generations. People tune in to see him praise the Birds, lash out at Andy Reid, celebrate Eagles victories, and complain about “them loud-ass motorcycles that always be drivin’ by.” On Saturday, EDP will fly into Philly so that he can be the guest of honor at the Eagles watch party at Xfinity Live for Sunday night’s contest with the Giants. I had a chance to speak with the man ahead of his trip. Once he’s convinced that I am who I say I am, we talk about his upcoming travel arrangements, the Andy Reid era, and the birth of his YouTube career. He even slips into full EDP-mode (because yes, I think EDP is an exaggerated persona) for a minute or two.

So, when are you flying into Philly?
Okay, hold on, playa. Quick question, like, how do I know you really work for The Philly Post? I hate to be all weird and stuff, I’m just tryin’ to, you know …

Go to ThePhillyPost.com, my picture is next to my byline. You can see it’s me, the same person pictured in my Twitter avatar. I mean, I’m not trying to fuck with you.

You have a pretty decent following in Philly, and I’m just trying to do a Q&A  for the website.
Alright, I’m sorry about that. I’ve been listening to my crazy-ass sister for too long. *Laughs*

No worries, man. So, is this your first time coming to Philly?
First time to Philadelphia. Never been out the state of California.

Really? So, it’ll be your first time on a plane?
It’s gonna be my first time, and I’m scared shitless.

You don’t have anything to worry about. It’s easy. Nothing to worry about.

So, your logo says 1997-to infinity, which indicates that you became an Eagles fan in a real depressing era in the franchise’s history. How did you manage to become an Eagles fan back then?
Me and my dad was watchin’, I know it was the Bengals, and they won 44-42 and I was watching Irving Fryar, Bobby Hoying, all them cats play. For some reason, I don’t know, I was watching it and my passion just grew for the team. From that day on, I just grew to be a big fan, you know?

Obviously, having seen your videos, you’re frustrated with the franchise. Is there something in particular that bothers you the most about the Andy Reid era?
One thing that really irritates the hell outta me, you know, and I’m pretty sure it irritates other Eagles fans as well, is that here we have all this talent and it’s going to waste. I won’t say that the whole damn franchise has been a disaster because we haven’t. T.O., McNabb, five NFC Championship games, all that good stuff. It just seems like you have all this talent and you can’t win a damn Super Bowl. Like, I don’t understand if there’s, like, a fuckin’ curse over the city. I don’t understand if it’s somethin’ spooky, freaky, you know what I’m sayin’? But, I’m sayin’ that I think the main problem out of everything has to have something to do with Andy Reid because you had great team after great team. You had Duce Staley, you had Westbrook, you had McNabb, you had T.O., Trotter, Dawkins and now you have a different team with Vick, McCoy and all them cats and it’s like, “You still can’t do shit.” So, it has to be the coaching. I mean, damn, it ain’t the players now.

You kind of have a cult following over here. And it seems like the folks who go to Xfinity Live would be the sort of people who have caught some of your videos.
I mean, all I know is I’m gonna be watchin’ the game. I don’t really know if the whole damn place is gonna erupt or anything.

What would you like to say to the people who think Nick Foles should start?
I mean, obviously if Vick keeps screwing up you’re gonna have to go with the next best option. But, you don’t want to put Nick Foles in there too early ’cause he’ll get his ass killed, you feel me? I understand that Vick is gonna have to throw the ball sooner or later, but you got one of the best damn running backs in the league, and you ain’t runnin’ the damn ball. You have Vick droppin’ back damn near 70 times a game, nigga, and your line is trash as fuck. I’m just sayin’ that if you got the best running back in the league, don’t be afraid to hand that bitch off. *Laughs* I’m sorry.

You’re fine. Don’t worry about it. Real quick, before I let you go, what’s the story behind the screen name?
To be honest, it was just something that I thought of. It wasn’t sex-related or anything like that. Shit. That loud-ass motorcycle that you hear in all my videos just passed by. For example, my high-school nickname was Big Cheese Nips. Where’d that come from? I don’t know. So, the whole thing behind that was just—I knew it was gonna draw some attention, but I didn’t know it was going to be all funny and hysterical and flippin’ out the windows and all that.

Was there a light bulb moment, like “Yeah, that’s the name?” Or did you sort of work your way toward the idea?
It was just something that I jotted down, but I was like, “I gotta have some numbers.” So, I think I tried 496, but that was whatever. Then, I punch in 4-4-5 and was just like, “Damn, that’s the user name.”

EDP gets into town on Saturday evening. He’s looking to grab a steak at Tony Luke’s sometime before he heads back on Monday. He’ll be at Xfinity Live, courtesy of Barstool Sports, to watch the Birds play the G-Men on Sunday night.