Celeb Scoop: Is Bradley Cooper Insecure and Afraid of Dying Young?

Plus: A West Wing reuinion video, Kanye West has a sex tape, Gangnam style is the most popular video on YouTube, and more of today's celebrity news.

Bradley Cooper Is Insecure? Jenkintown’s golden son is the subject of a National Enquirer piece that says he’s insecure and afraid of dying young. HE’S JUST LIKE US! Also, he had plastic surgery after an accident with a broken lamp when he was a teenager. [Showbiz Spy]

West Wing Reunion Video. West Wing reunion video! West Wing reunion video! West Wing reunion video! They got the band back together for a political ad for Bridget Mary McCormack, who is running for a seat on Michigan’s Supreme Court. Her sister played Kate Harper on the show.

Fall Movies We Can’t Wait to See. Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln. If that’s not your thing you’re wrong try the new Bond flick, Judd Apatow’s This Is 40, or locally-filmed The Silver Linings Playbook. Here are 16 fall films your shouldn’t miss.

Q&A: James Van Der Beek. The actor spoke with our Rich Rys about Rittenhouse Square, filming in Philly, and, an episode of Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23 where Zack Morris advises against a Dawson’s Creek Reunion.

Kanye Has a Sex Tape. It was reportedly filmed with a married Kim Kardashian lookalike just before Yeezy and Kim got together. Kanye apparently doesn’t want it to see the light of day. [RadarOnline]

Gangnam Style Tops LMFAO. Though the concept of Gagnam Style besting LMFAO as the most popular video on YouTube is entirely depressing, it is something that happened, according to Guinness. [Gawker]

Sarah Silverman Tackles Voter ID Laws. In a new video, she says that they’re, “super fucked up.”

Trouble With the Curve. The trouble with Trouble With the Curve is that this movie was made in 2009 and was called The Open Road. Maybe instead of remaking his own movies, Justin Timberlake should give music as shot. [Daily News]