TGI Friday’s Blames Other Bar for Officer’s Death

Officer Brian Lorenzo was killed, authorities say, by a drunk driver, John Leck Jr., going the wrong way on I-95 after drinking at a TGI Friday’s in the Northeast back in July. In a court filing late last month, T.G.I. Friday’s claims that no one at the restaurant served Leck while he was visibly intoxicated. His credit card was processed at the Friday’s in Bensalem, where he was charged for three 22-ounce Coors Lights, one 14-ounce Coors Light, and two vodka drinks. But, lawyers for Friday’s say that Leck’s .218 blood-alcohol level means that he was drinking at a second establishment between leaving Friday’s and hitting Officer Lorenzo. A state police spokesman says that investigators have tried to pinpoint where Leck might have been drinking, but haven’t found the bar yet. [Inquirer]