Celeb Scoop: Kate Middleton’s Topless Photos Scandal

Plus: Spielberg's Lincoln trailer debuts, Samuel L. Jackson says "wake the f--k up," Kimmel tricks people with an old iPhone, and more of today's celebrity news.

Kate Middleton’s Topless Scandal. The Royal Family is suing French magazine Closer for publishing topless photos of Kate Middleton. [TMZ]

Bam Margera’s Nighttime Visitor. A naked woman reportedly broke into Bam’s West Chester mansion, woke him up with a kiss, and then masturbated on the floor as he called police.

Kimmel Tricks People With Old iPhone. In a segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live, people on the street were handed an iPhone 4s, but told it was the new iPhone 5. A bunch of them thought it was bigger, lighter and better.

Lincoln Trailer Debuts. Daniel Day-Lewis. History. Civil War. Steven Spielberg. Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Awesomeness. The Lincoln trailer is up on the Internets.

Wake the F#$% Up! Samuel L. Jackson is reportedly set to film a presidential campaign ad asking voters to “wake the F–k Up, Vote for Obama.” [NY Post]

Bill Cosby on Sox Pregame Show. In case you forgot how awesome Bill Cosby is, he went on a Red Sox pregame show to remind you and offer to pitch the sixth inning and be sold to Dodgers.

Amanda Bynes Still Driving. Another day, another Amanda Bynes fender bender on a suspended license. [TMZ]