Top 20 Gay Travel Destinations

Out Now reveals its list of favorite cities - sorry, Philly

LGBT travelers will spend more than $165 million on travel this year alone. But where are the gay dollars going? Out Now revealed its list of the 20 top destinations based on surveys of LGBT travelers around the world – with tops among both U.S. and international cities everywhere from New York and Miami to Cape Town and Berlin.

Got your bags packed yet?

20. Miami

19. Cape Town

18. Rome

17. Mexico City

16. Berlin

15. Sao Paulo

14. Barcelona

13. Melbourne

12. Hong Kong

11. Las Vegas

10. Los Angeles/West Hollywood

9. Amsterdam

8. Tokyo

7. Buenos Aires

6. Paris

5. San Francisco

4. London

3. Sydney

2. Rio de Janeiro

1. New York City

Where’s your favorite travel destination?