Mayor Nutter’s DNC Speech Focuses on Education

Plus: A West Nile virus death in Delaware, SEPTA Silverliners are late again, Philly's pizza museum opens today and more of what the city is buzzing about.

How Did Barack Obama Do? Closing out the Democratic National Convention last night, the President asked the American people to vote for him one more time. Andrew Sullivan has a good round-up of the blogopundit reaction, the Washington Post thinks the President was light on details, and over on this morning, Ed Rendell is still talking about how awesome Bill Clinton’s speech was.

How Did Michael Nutter Do? Philly’s mayor delivered an education-focused speech last night, at 6:40 p.m. The speech was only about five minutes, and he quoted Ben Franklin and talked about Philadelphians coming together to shovel snow. (Here’s to hoping this wasn’t some kind of weather prediction.) Read Joel Mathis’s take on the Mayor’s DNC speech for the Post—and watch the video—here.

Report Says Taxes to Blame for Lack of Center City Jobs. The Center City District report shows most city dwellers are forced to commute to the burbs for work each day because companies want to avoid Philadelphia’s wage and business taxes—and District head Paul Levy says the city could keep losing jobs if something doesn’t change. [Daily News]

Philadelphia School District Back in Session Today. Summer is now really over for Philly’s public school students. [6 ABC]

South Jersey Newspapers to Combine. South Jersey Media Group announced it will combine Gloucester County Times, News of Cumberland County and Today’s Sunbeam into one newspaper called the South Jersey Times starting in November. []

SEPTA Silverliners Are Late. Again. After constant delivery problems and fines for the company assembling the train cars, SEPTA’s final batch of shiny new people-carriers is being held up due to parts. “The unfinished cars are ’99 percent complete, and when the parts come in, it will just be a day’s work to finish.'” Among the missing pieces are destination-sign equipment. Maybe someone should buy a laminating machine, Sharpies and some duct tape and just get on with it already. [Inquirer]

Delaware Woman Dies of West Nile Virus. She also had additional health complications. [Fox 29]

“Turn Around, Don’t Drown” Law Now Exists Because People Have No Common Sense. A Harrisburg law goes into effect today for Pennsylvanians, allowing officials to force those who drive into flood waters even when they are warned not to and then need to be rescued, to pay fines and the expenses associated with their rescue. [CBS 3]

Pizza Brain Opens Today. The pizza shop slash pizza memorabilia museum finally awaits customers on Frankford Avenue. Foobooz will have more coverage on the opening today. [Foobooz]