“Apple’s Favorite Blogger” Surveys the Tech World From Philadelphia

Who the heck is John Gruber? The Philadelphia writer just might be one of the most influential tech journalists around, which means he’s getting the full profile treatment in the new issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. The 39-year-old writes the widely read Daring Fireball blog, devoted largely (but not exclusively) to reporting and thinking about Apple products—and his voice is considered so important that Apple execs invited him for a one-on-one unveiling of the company’s new Mountain Lion operating system for Mac computers. “Steve Jobs used to check Daring Fireball regularly,” the magazine observes. “Gruber sometimes managed to score a few minutes with Jobs at company events.” These days, Gruber’s blog pulls in an estimated $500,000 a year. But Gruber himself refuses to comment on that, and his wife says that Businessweek’s estimate is “total bull—-.” [Business Insider]