Celeb Scoop: Bradley Cooper Talks About His Past Drug Addiction

Plus: Will Smith and Jay-Z join forces for an Angela Davis documentary, Beanie Sigel's latest hearing gets continued, and Ben & Jerry's sues a porn company.

Bradley Cooper Talks About His Battle With Drug Addiction. Jenkintown’s favorite son recently opened up to the Hollywood Reporter about his past drug abuse issues, saying that he decided to go sober more than eight years ago at the age of 29. Now 37, Cooper says that during his time on drugs, he “felt like an outsider” and realized he “wasn’t going to live up to [his] potential.” And now you know why he was so good in Limitless. [THR]

Will Smith and Jay-Z Work Together on New Documentary. It looks like Made in America has put Philly into the heart and mind of ol’ Sean Carter. The all-around mogul has teamed up his Roc Nation with Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment to produce Free Angela & All Political Prisoners, a documentary detailing the life and times of activist Angela Davis. East Coast represent, indeed. [BET]

Beanie Sigel’s Hearing Continued. Prosecutors in rapper Beanie Sigel’s latest legal case asked that the Philly native’s hearing be continued until lab processing of evidence concludes. Sigel was arrested last week on gun, drug and conspiracy charges when a car he was riding in was pulled over by police. Oh, and he’s already going to jail next week on tax evasion charges from 2003 to 2005. Oh, Beanie, what will we do with you? [Inquirer]

Ben & Jerry’s v. Ben & Cherry’s, Round One. Apparently you can make ice cream called Karamel Sutra and still bristle at the notion of sex. Ben & Jerry’s is doing just that in reference to a porn production company dubbed Ben & Cherry’s, saying that that company’s de-facto perceived association with the ice cream producer is tarnishing their sweet and creamy image. They are currently suing for unspecified damages. [Xfinity]

Scientology Takes its Antics to Vietnam. Tom Cruise’s chosen religious sect has taken their “Hubbard Method” of body purification to Hanoi to clean up the mess the US left back in the 1970s with the toxic defoliant, Agent Orange. The US government is unaware of any way to detoxify the human body of Agent Orange and, surprise, is not affiliated with the Church’s current efforts. So, really, it’s just crazy business as usual. [AP]

Tom Brokaw Gets Lightheaded, Hospitalized, Is Apparently Fine. People really ought to read those warnings on pill bottles. Ex-NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw was hospitalized after complaining of lightheadedness on the set of Morning Joe today. The reason why? Says Brokaw via Twitter: “All is well Early AM I mistakenly took a half dose of Ambien and made less sense than usual.” He was eventually released with a clean bill of health, but let this be a reminder of what chasing the Ambien Walrus can do. [Reuters]