Penn State Is Paying Pricey Sandusky Bill

Plus: Jimmy Rollins gets his 2,000th hit, Comcast makes top employer list, Allen Iverson wants to move to China, and more of what the city is buzzing about this morning.

Jimmy Rollins Gets 2,000th Career Hit. If you belt your 2,000th career hit, and your team still loses, does it make a sound? [Bleacher Report]

Philadelphia Firefighters Union vs. the City, Take 452. Local 22 is alleging unfair labor practices in the April fire deaths of two firemen. [Inquirer]

Democratic National Convention Kicks Off in Charlotte. Local pol Allyson Schwartz made her speech yesterday, and Michelle Obama closed the night (“Michelle Obama’s 10 Most Memorable Lines”). Michael Nutter is also at the convention; the city is picking up the expenses for his travel companions: Philadelphia police protection and two support staff. [Daily News]

Don Mattingly Romances Shane Victorino in a Way Charlie Manuel Never Could. The Dodgers manager gave up his number eight shirt for Victorino: “He never pushed me for it, but I noticed it was part of his email address, and that was enough for me.” [L.A. Times]

Penn Museum Makes Deal With Turkey. The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology will loan its “Troy gold” jewelry to Turkey in exchange for artifacts to put on a King Midas exhibit in Philadelphia. Some gold in exchange for the power to turn everything into gold? That’s Ivy League smarts. [Washington Post]

Allen Iverson Wants to Play Basketball in China. Sure, why not? [Yahoo]

Penn State Has Spent $17 Million on Jerry Sandusky Scandal. Damage control is expensive. [Fox 29]

Comcast Named Top Employer for Latinas. In its annual list, Latina Style magazine applauds Comcast for creating a Hispanic-friendly work environment. [Metro]