Romney Takes GOP Nomination, Clint Eastwood Takes Empty Chair

Plus: @InvisibleObama has more than 36,000 Twitter followers, D.C. firm buys piece of DuPont, Trump Plaza's A.C. beach bar closes, and more of what Philly's talking about today.

Mitt Romney Officially Accepts Republican Nomination/Clint Eastwood Talks to a Chair. Romney closed the Republican National Convention with an acceptance speech that’s generally getting good marks from pundits [“Romney Vows to Deliver Country From Economic Travails,” “Mitt Romney’s Speech: 12 Most Rousing Lines,” “Romney Promises to ‘Restore’ U.S.”], but not before this happened:

Even the Obama campaign was swept up in Eastwood’s theatrical performance, tweeting from @BarackObama:

Aaaaaaand, of course, @InvisibleObama already has more than 36,000 Twitter followers.

Philadelphia Deputy Superintendent Hired. Incoming school district superintendent William Hite now has a second-in-command ready to start when he does on October 1st. Consultant and former NYC public school teacher Paul Kihn will make $210,000  [Inquirer]

FOP Wants City to Pay for Officer Moses Walker Jr.’s Funeral. FOP president John McNesby, who maintains Walker Jr. was on duty when he was killed and so his family deserves the benefits of that status, asked “How do you justify having a concert on the Parkway and not saying how much it costs, and not pay for an officer’s funeral?” [Daily News]

Carlyle Group Buys Piece of DuPont. The Washington-based equity firm Carlyle, which also agreed to buy the Sunoco oil refinery in South Philadelphia this summer, picked up the Wilmington-based company’s division that makes car paint for $4.9 billion. [Inquirer]

Eagles Beat Jets 28-10. With the preseason done and the 53-man roster deadline set for 9 p.m. tonight, our Birds 24/7 looks at what is a nerve-wracking day for Chris Polk and Bryce Brown and whether Trent Edwards is safe.

Trump Plaza Closes Beach Bar, Blames Unions. Trump Entertainment Resorts says it can’t compete with the Revel’s non-union cocktail service on the sand and that they’ll close the Plaza’s beach bar in A.C. on September 16th. [Newsworks]