Urban Outfitters Pisses Off Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving are also apparently against stupid T-shirts that reference alcohol consumption. The MADD organization is all upset over Urban Outfitters shirts that feature slogans like, “I DRINK YOU’RE CUTE” and “I Vote for Vodka.” Apparently, members of the organization think that the shirts are inappropriate for anyone under 21. That’s comical because the only people that would be caught dead in these shirts are 16-year-old girls trying to get people to buy them over-priced, watered-down booze smoothies on the lawn at Dave Matthews Band concerts just so they can make out with Suzy’s boyfriend and then throw up and make the whole group leave the show early, which, like, totally isn’t cool because Timmy’s mom isn’t coming to pick everyone up for another hour and a half and no one knows their way around Camden. [NY Daily News]