Jersey Woman Had 200 Orgasms in 36 Hours Thanks to Rare Medical Condition

A 44-year-old New Jersey woman is seeking the expertise of medical specialists in London because she can’t stop herself from climaxing. Kim Ramsey—a nurse originally from England—has been diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. The condition causes her to have extended periods of genital arousal that have nothing to do with sexual stimulation. Basically, she orgasms all the time without doing anything. Ramsey fell down some stairs in 2001 and developed a Tarlov cyst on her spine. Then, when she started up a sexual relationship in 2008, the orgasms wouldn’t stop. She reportedly had more than 200 in 36 hours. Before you ladies start throwing yourselves down stairs left and right, though, take heed. Ramsey says that the episode wasn’t as exciting as you’d think. She says that the “pain and exhaustion was excruciating.” [Gawker]