Happy One-Year Anniversary of Philly’s Earthquake

Happy one-year anniversary of the East Coast earthquake, you guys. One year ago today we wrote:

Walking down 36 flights of stairs wasn’t in the Scoop’s workout regimen for this week, but after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake shook the East Coast from North Carolina to Boston, he figured hanging around in the building as it swayed probably wasn’t the best idea. The quake prompted building evacuations in much of the downtown section of Philadelphia. The Blue Cross building at 19th and Market had some windows shattered and SEPTA is behind at least 15 minutes on all trains while PATCO suspended service. Just another Tuesday afternoon in Philly.

The earthquake cracked the Washington Monument, which has since closed for repairs that are taking a little longer than originally anticipated. So, if nothing phenomenal or exciting happens to your Thursday, just be happy you’re not walking down 36 flights of stairs.