Woman Steals Purse from Church During Communion, Tries to Buy Everything on the McDonald’s Menu

A woman in Upper Darby reportedly waltzed into a church on West Chester Pike and swiped the purse of a woman who left her pew to go up and receive communion. The alleged thief—who supposedly reeked of booze—then gassed up at a station on West Chester Pike before swinging through a McDonald’s drive-thru to order two Big Macs, two mocha frappes, two large fries, a 20-piece McNuggets, two grilled chicken salads and a large Coke. After using one of the stolen credit cards to pay for the feast, the cashier asked her to sign the receipt for the order. That’s when the woman left the card (and the food) and bolted. No word on what sauce she wanted for the McNuggets (Sweet ‘N Sour if she knows what’s up) or the whereabouts of the family of four accomplices she was going to need to eat all of that food. [Daily News]