Bill Cosby Films Videos to Help Temple Raise $100 Million in Financial Aid

Plus: Bride kills groom on wedding day, Paul Ryan's fitness regime, Penn State trustees accept sanctions and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Bill Cosby, Temple Start Financial-Aid Campaign. Temple University wants to raise $100 million to put toward financial aid for its students, and Bill Cosby has filmed numerous videos that the school intends to release to help raise awareness of the campaign. In case you forgot exactly how hilarious Dr. Cosby is, he made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and has us rolling. [Inquirer]

Bride Kills Groom on Wedding Day. A bride-to-be allegedly killed her fiance on Saturday, the day they were to be married. The groom was stabbed twice and had a punctured heart. The bride said in court that she didn’t kill him on purpose. [6 ABC]

Paul Ryan’s Workout Plan. A vice presidential candidate’s workout plan is clearly a vital bit of information heading into the November election. Paul Ryan does P90X. Your move, Joe Biden. [Daily Beast]

Penn State Trustees Accept Sanctions. On Sunday night, the Penn State Board of Trustees voted to back the university’s president on his decision to accept the sanctions handed down by the NCAA. It only took them three weeks to do so. [Inquirer]

NJ Team Makes Little League World Series. Par-Troy East has become the 11th Jersey team to make the Little League World Series. House music and Little League, that’s what Jersey does, baby! [Fox 29]

“Kensington Strangler” Trial Starts. The “Kensington Strangler” case is set to go to trial. Antonio Rodriguez faces charges of rape, murder and abuse of a corpse. [6 ABC]

5 Rescued from Center City Elevator. The Philadelphia Fire Department responded to a call at 1500 Locust on Sunday because five residents were stuck in an elevator on the way up to their apartments. They were trapped in there for four hours before rescue workers helped them up through the top of the elevator and over a two-foot gap into another. Not sure if this is a good time to remind you of our post titled “What Are the Chances You Will Die in a Philadelphia Elevator?” or our “Annotated Guide to Modern Elevator Etiquette.” [NBC Philadelphia]