Celeb Scoop: Jada Pinkett Smith Is Sick of the Divorce Rumors

Plus: Philly's Kevin Hart to host VMAs, Kanye and Skrillex collaborate, Sean Penn to direct again, and more of today's celebrity news.

Jada Tired of Divorce Rumors. Jada Pinkett Smith has been busy trying to raise awareness of international human trafficking and posing for the September cover of Essence. While do that, though, she still manages to find time to remind you that she’s married to the biggest movie star on the planet and their kids make records and act and they’re just all the happiest they could ever be. [Essence]

Kevin Hart to Host VMAs. Comedian and Philly native Kevin Hart will host this year’s VMAs for MTV. The announcement was made via a video with Kim Kardasian and Kanye West because of course it was. [Inquirer]

Speaking of Kanye … He’s collaborating with Skrillex to hypnotize you with music and proceed, without contest, to complete his plan for world domination produce the first track on of the rapper’s new album. Get excited. [Hitfix]

Harrison Ford in Plymouth Whitemarsh. Ford, Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and the cast and crew of Paranoia are filming at Arbor Hill—the 70-acre estate of former Advanta CEO Dennis Alter.

10 Craziest Honey Boo Boo Quotes. “That vajiggle jaggle is not beautimous.” We couldn’t resist and neither can you.

Brangelina Wedding? The Internet is all abuzz about a possible surprise Brangelina wedding this weekend. But, Mr. and Mrs. Smith insist it’s a bash in honor of Pitt’s parents for writing that anti-gay letter something. [Daily Mail]

Worst Celebrity Endorsements. Including Iggy Pop, Shannen Dougherty, and the Fonz (heeeeeeey).

Sean Penn’s Return to Directing. Sean Penn—of Madonna’s first husband fame—appears to be ready to return to the director’s chair for the first time since 2007’s Into the Wild. The new project is called Crazy for the Storm and is a book adaptation about a father and son who are in a plane crash together and the son’s struggle to survive after the death of his father. [The Wrap]

Box Office Revival? The release of The Bourne Legacy, The Campaign and Hope Springs might mark a box office revival and provide a challenger that can dethrone The Dark Knight Rises from its top spot. [Hollywood Reporter]