Mitt Romney Speeds Down the Jersey Turnpike

Plus: The Luries settle their divorce, a Jersey mom sues over breastfeeding video posted to porn sites, puppies make Gov. Corbett cry, and more of what Philly is buzzing about today.

Luries Settle Divorce. Jeff and Christina Lurie have reportedly settled their divorce quietly. Christina will get a sizable portion of the Eagles, according to reports. [NY Post]

Romney’s Surprise Visit at Jersey Wedding. Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney landed in Newark after a campaign stop in Des Moines, Iowa. He then got himself an escort along the New Jersey Turnpike thanks to a couple of unmarked police cars. They were apparently going over 90 mph and shaved a bunch of time off the trip. He later posed with the bride and groom of the wedding party. [New York Times]

Jersey Mom Sues Over Breastfeeding Video. A mother from Jersey is suing the producer of an educational breastfeeding video because a manipulated version of the film reportedly ended up on some porn sites. Also, the producer of the video supposedly used the woman’s full name after assuring her only her first would be included in the video. [NBC Philadelphia]

Puppies Make Governor Corbett Cry. Governor Corbett signed a ceremonial copy of a bill aimed to protect service dogs from attacks by other canines. At the event, a bunch of adorable puppies brought a tear to the governor’s eye. Aww. [Inquirer]

Plane Lands at PHL After Bomb Scare. Authorities had reportedly received a bomb threat involving a plane that flew from Austin, Texas to Dallas on Wednesday. After landing in Dallas, authorities swept the plane looking for explosive devices. American Airlines flight 1072 was eventually able to continue its trip to PHL on a different airplane. No explosives were found. [NBC Philadelphia]

So, How About This Heat? Last month was the hottest July ever for the contiguous United States. [Inquirer]

Phils Get Shellacked. The Phils were down by five runs to the Braves last night before mounting an exciting comeback that saw them claw their way back to a 6-6 tie. Then, the bullpen gave up six runs over the course of the seventh and eighth innings. Womp, womp. [Phillies]