Hillary Clinton Is the Most Fun Woman on the Planet Right Now

Let us count the ways she is having fun.

I don’t know about you, but I am happy to see Hillary Clinton dancing. I’m happy she seems so happy, much happier than during the years of the Bill Clinton presidency. For some reason, I’m happier still that the recent dancing (in South Africa) came after she presented the group with a bull, and that they danced—complete with a “how low can you go” moment and lots of booty popping—in front of said bull.

Maybe these are the Hillary Clinton years.

She seems to have learned how to relax, to own who she is. She’s been waiting a long time to suck back a cold one in Columbia, and I’m glad she’s getting this moment.

During Bill Clinton’s presidency and even a mere four years ago, when Hillary vied to be the Democratic presidential candidate, the media reported on her clothing choices and hairstyles first, then her positions on various issues. That hasn’t changed. But what has changed is Hillary’s response. To quote the folks at Jezebel, she gives zero fucks.

Just this week, German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine ran a piece about German chancellor Angela Merkel and Hillary’s shared love of pantsuits. You have got to check out the slideshow, but don’t look at their outfits, look at Hillary’s smile.

The coverage of Hillary’s hair hasn’t stopped either, with the focus being both on her love of hair scrunchies and her staff’s request for her to stop wearing them, but most importantly, Hillary’s unapologetic refusal to do so. If anything, she’s flaunting her scrunchie-wearing, and if anything, social media and various websites are celebrating it too, with HuffPo’s Style page leading the pack in scrunchie reports, replete with scrunchie slideshows.

Hillary has learned how to mock herself, playing right along with the creators of “Texts From Hillary.”

Not only did she ask to meet the creators, she developed a meme of her own, and manages to mock herself, the creators and her scrunchie love. She also shows enough sense of humor to admit that her favorite meme was the one of her with Ryan Gosling. (I imagine anyone’s favorite anything would be “the one with Ryan Gosling.”) She autographed a printout of the meme for them, signing it “Hillz.” The creators credit the popularity of the site with helping to change the public perception of Hillary, starting a national conversation about Hillz in2016. Right now, I’m thinking I might actually volunteer to man some phones.

Is she able to laugh at herself and smile as big as she is smiling because she is the most traveled Secretary of State ever and she is simply having a great time? Or is she smiling because she is the most admired woman in America and recent polls show she has a higher approval rating than President Obama?

Is she smiling because Diane Sawyer said, “nobody does unplugged quite like the Secretary of State” (and this was before the bull dancing).

Is she smiling because she actually looked super cool in those purple cat-eye glasses she wore back in June?

You have to look at this very recent photo of her with a chignon, but don’t look at her hair—look at her smile.