Comedian Dresses Up Like Joe Paterno for Roast of Roseanne

Jeffrey Ross isn’t exactly a household name. The man’s a comedian who gets most of his facetime for hurling inappropriate humor on marginal celebrities for roasts on Comedy Central. Ross—who is generally pretty hilarious at these things—sauntered down the red carpet of the Roast of Roseanne over the weekend, looking familiar to a much larger demographic than usual. That’s because the comedian dressed up like Joe Paterno—complete with the glasses, chinos and a whistle. On each of his arms, Ross had a young man wearing only a towel and a Penn State helmet. Ugh. We get that it’s topical and all—and that these things are supposed to be inappropriate and edgy and everything—but a little tact when joking about child rape never hurt anybody. Just ask Louis C.K. [Inquirer]