Chick-Fil-A Faces Lawsuit

First homophobia and now gender discrimination? A former employee sues.

Photo by Think Stock

Chick-fil-A can’t seem to stay out of these news days. First, the company started a firestorm when its president admitted that the chain’s against LGBT rights, and specifically same-sex marriage (Chick-fil-A has donated almost two million to hate groups).

Uncovered this week, Chick-fil-A is also facing a lawsuit from a former employee, according to GLAAD. Brenda Honeycutt is suing the company for what she alleges is gender discrimination. She says that she was fired by Jeff Howard, the manager of the restaurant where she worked in Duluth, Georgia, so that she could stay home and take care of her children. This, she says, came after receiving a solid review of her work there.

“Throughout her employment, the Plaintiff performed her duties in a satisfactory or above manner,” the lawsuit says. But during her tenure with the fast food restaurant, Honeycutt says the manager “routinely made comments to the Plaintiff suggesting that as a mother she should stay home with her children,” it continues.

She was replaced by a male employee. GLAAD says the lawsuit shows a pattern in which female employees – mothers – were all replaced by men at the restaurant chain.

Honeycutt would like to be reimbursed with back pay and for damages as the result of being discriminated against. Stay tuned as we follow the case as it goes to trial.