Shane Victorino Is Not Happy With a Delco Daily Times Editor

Shane Victorino didn’t play for the Phillies on July 8th. He was scratched from the lineup by Charlie Manuel before the Sunday matinee started. Rob Parent—the sports editor at the Delco Daily Times—sent out a tweet about the incident.

As it turns out, that wasn’t the case. Charlie Manuel defended Victorino at the team’s press conference after the game and, recently, Shane Victorino took an opportunity to use a few, choice, four-letter words to express his disapproval.

That was my point. One person made a [bleepin’] false statement. That’s the problem with social media, and it pisses me off. It’s all over the news … fans thinking I’m sitting because I (complained about) hitting seventh. That’s not me. You know that. I’ve batted first through [bleeping] seventh all throughout my career. I’ve always played. I’ve never ever complained about that. So that’s what pissed me off even more about that day. Now the whole baseball world, and fans think I’m this crybaby – and I’ve never been that guy. That’s what pisses me off. That stuff should be held accountable; he can write whatever he wants. [Daily Times]