Woman Sues the Phillie Phanatic for Throwing Her Into a Swimming Pool

An Abington woman has filed a lawsuit against Tom Burgoyne, Matt Mehler, and anyone else who may have been in the Phanatic costume at The Golden Inn in Avalon on July 17, 2010 because she says she was thrown into a swimming pool by the mascot. The Phillies and The Golden Inn are also named in the suit. Suzanne Pierce claims the Phanatic picked her up—along with the lounge chair she was sitting in—and threw her into the shallow end of a swimming pool.

Peirce claims she hurt just about everything in the incident, including suffering “severe and permanent injuries to her head, neck, back, body, arms and legs, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and tissues …” and more. The pool did have water in it, attorney Aaron Denker said, though Peirce was tossed in the shallow end.

A YouTube video shows the Phanatic at The Golden Inn interacting with people, dancing and playing in the sand. [Daily News]