Celeb Scoop: Against Me! Singer Comes Out as Transgender

Plus: A Philly rapper gets a Range Rover for his birthday, SNL cut an Obama sketch on Saturday, Jermaine Paul wins The Voice, and more of today's celebrity news.

Against Me! Lead Singer Comes Out as Transgender. Tom Gabel—the lead singer of the punk band Against Me!—has told Rolling Stone that he will begin living his life as a woman. Gabel will begin taking hormones, will undergo electrolysis treatments, and will begin living as Laura Jane Grace. [Rolling Stone]

Meek Mill Gets a Range Rover for His Birthday. It pays to keep wealthy company as North Philly rapper Meek Mill learned this weekend when Rick Ross gave him a Range Rover for his 25th birthday. Range Rovers probably don’t set you back much when every day you hustlin’. [Philly Gossip]

SNL Didn’t Cut Sketch to Help Obama. Lorne Michaels addressed his decision to swap the opening sketch for last week’s episode of SNL. The lead sketch in dress rehearsal featured Fred Armisen as Barack Obama, boasting about the killing of Osama bin Laden. Michaels said he cut the sketch for time reasons, not political motivators. [The Wrap]

Jermaine Paul Wins The Voice. The second champion of NBC‘s The Voice is Jermaine Paul, who used to be a backup singer for Alicia Keys. Juliet Sims finished in second place. [EW]

NBC’s Big Dose of Reality. Comcast bets big on reality television as NBC signs eight producers to development deals. The Bachelor‘s Jason Ehrlich, The Voice‘s Lee Metzger, and Howie Mandel are among the talent NBC signed. [Hollywood Reporter]

The Situation’s Glasses. The Situation will be in New Hope to launch his Michael Sorrentino Origination Series of sunglasses. It’s funny because he’s referring to himself as Michael Sorrentino, like we don’t know who he really is. [Philly Gossip]