Jaime Salm’s 8 Favorite Things

The endlessly creative co-founder of MIO, a Philly-based sustainable design firm, divulges eight things he can't live without.

When you design brightly modern, sustainable products for a living, chances are the things you live with on a daily basis are pretty cool. This is precisely why we asked the Colombian-born co-founder and creative director of MIO, Jaime Salm, to tell us all about his his can’t-live-without things. Keep reading to find out how he satisfies his sweet tooth, what one item of clothing he buys in bulk (he’s got 10!), and what MIO item he has in his bedroom. His picks are covetable (we immediately wanted to go out and buy his favorite “seating device”), mouth-watering (mmm, gelato) and, in some cases, wonderfully simple. Feeling inspired to live an eco-friendly, design-minded life after reading? Check out mioculture.com for more of Jaime’s work.