Celeb Scoop: Here’s How You Can See Pics of Sexy Flyers Ice Girls

Plus: Bradley Cooper might star in move about Abscam, Bill Cosby cancels South Dakota show, and more of today’s celebrity news.

Sexy Flyers Ice Girls. To celebrate the NHL playoffs (ha, yea, that’s why), Bleacher Report has a slideshow of the “hot ice girls who appear sporadically to needlessly skate around in skimpy outfits while carrying shovels” that includes the Flyers’ Danielle Dupont, Lauren Stevenson, Brittany Sullivan, Kasey D’Annibale, Cassandra Latsios and Grace Deissroth. [Bleacher Report]

Bill Cosby Doesn’t Play in the Dakotas? The actor and comedian had to cancel a show in Sioux Falls (scheduled for Mother’s Day) due to low ticket sales. [KSFY]

Botox Is 10! Today is the 10th anniversary of the FDA approving the use of Botox. The Celeb Scoop seems a perfect place to deliver this news to you. [Perez Hilton]

Kevin Bacon’s OK With the Six Degrees Game. The actor says he’s come to embrace the game that he once distanced himself from because, “With the six degrees idea, if you take me out—which is really what you should do—it’s a beautiful concept because the truth is that we are all connected.” [USA Today]

Bradley Cooper Might Star in Movie About Abscam. The Jenkintown native could team up with Christian Bale for American Bullshit, a movie about the infamous corruption scandal that ended with the conviction of Philadelphia City Council members in the ’80s. [EW]