What Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen Have In Common: Jersey, Teleprompters

I think there must be something to all this talk about the landfills and polluted water in New Jersey, because it seems like all those toxins and heavy metals are having ill effects on the memories of some of the state’s most iconic celebrities. You may remember that Bon Jovi used a teleprompter (well, multiple teleprompters, really) during his 49th birthday concert at the Wells Fargo Center in 2011. Hoboken native Frank Sinatra relied on a teleprompter for much of the latter portion of his career. And today, the Washington Post points out that 62-year old Garden State favorite Bruce Springsteen uses one as well. “A teleprompter, Bruce? Really?” chides reporter Paul Farhi. No, this did not make it onto my list of 10 reasons why I hate Bruce Springsteen. Poking fun at mental deficiencies would just be mean. [Washington Post]