Celeb Scoop: The Real Will Smith Did Not Tweet About Trayvon Martin and Kim Kardashian

Plus: Celeb hacker pleads guilty, everybody watched Mad Men, Madonna and Deadmau5 hug it out on the web, and more of today's celebrity news.

Fake Will Smith Tweet Goes Viral. A tweet about Trayvon Martin and Kim Kardashian went viral after it was sent from the fake account of Will Smith. Turns out it was some guy from Tennessee who tweeted, “WE live in America where a girl that threw flour on Kim Kardashian was arrested on site. But the man who KILLED Trayvon Martin is still free.” A bunch of celebs retweeted it before realizing it wasn’t actually the Fresh Prince. [MSNBC]

Everyone Was Watching Mad Men. So, you thought Mad Men was boring, huh? Well, that may be the case, but it didn’t stop 3.5 million viewers from tuning in to the premiere of the fifth season. [EW]

Hacker Pleads Guilty for Swiping Pics. A 35-year-old guy from Jacksonville, Florida was indicted on 28 charges related to the hacking of the email accounts of celebrities. He’s copped to answering security questions correctly to get into a number of accounts and downloading explicit, private photos from stars like Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis. [The Wrap]

Madonna and Deadmau5 Squash Beef. Famous DJ Deadmau5 publicly ripped Madonna for asking if anyone had “seen Molly” at one of her recent shows. The DJ thought Madonna was referencing the active ingredient in ecstasy known as “molly.” Madonna cleared things up with a caption on an old picture in which she’s wearing mouse ears. [TMZ]

Kendra Wilkinson Has No Talent. Reality TV “star” Kendra Wilkinson—wife of former Eagle Hank Baskett—has admitted she has no talent to offer. Trust us, we were well aware. [People]

Local Movie Will Premiere at Tribeca. Future Weather stars Lily Taylor and was shot at Pennypack Nature Preserve and other area locals. It’ll make its world premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in late April. [Philly Gossip]