State Senator Larry Farnese Will See Your Mandated Ultrasound Bill and Raise You Required Erectile Dysfunction Tests

Plus: The Divine Lorraine caught fire, Romney wins Illinois, a look inside Revel, and more of what the city is buzzing about today.

Required Erectile Dysfunction Tests? In the wake of the proposed bill that would require Pennsylvania women to submit to an ultrasound before aborting a pregnancy, State Senator Larry Farnese’s new legislation would require men with ED to undergo tests and submit a signed affidavit from their partners claiming they couldn’t get it up. It’s meant to expose the ridiculousness of the ultrasound bill, but talk about, um, tit for tat. [Inquirer]

Divine Lorraine Caught Fire. The roof, the roof, the roof was on fire last night at the Divine Lorraine. Luckily, no one was hurt because it isn’t being used for anything. [Fox 29]

Romney Wins Illinois. Handily. Santorum only managed to nab 35 percent of the vote while Romney won the night with 47 percent. [Inquirer]

Flyers Lose to Panthers. The Panthers are on fire right now, and one goal for the good guys couldn’t get it done. [Yahoo!]

An Inside Look at Revel. A.C.’s newest casino is set to open on April 2nd. Take a look at its lavish innards. [NBC Philadelphia]

Eagles Get a Linebacker (!). Really, they did. Scout’s honor. Roseman swapped a mid-round pick for Houston’s DeMeco Ryans. He went to the Pro Bowl in ’09. [Crossing Broad]